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Thank you for stopping by and exploring my world!

My name is Raizy Ciment & I’m a newborn & family portrait artist living in Rockland County NY.

When I was blessed to earn the title “mom” in 2010, I decided to invest some time into studying photography.  Since I didn’t want to rely only on professionals to capture the giggles and emotions of my growing daughter, I was determined to learn how to do it on my own.

Soon I wanted to decorate my walls with photos of her… which led me to explore Photoshop…& I took it up a notch.

Over the next few years, the little side hustle turned into a career where I’m lucky to do the same for my clients while supporting our little family.

Today, I only work with a limited amount of families per year so I can really devote myself & make each session an amazing experience.  From guiding wardrobe choices to creating a super relaxed atmosphere during the shoot, and hand-holding throughout the ordering process, I want each portrait to come out looking & feeling like a painting worthy of adorning the hearts & homes of my clients.

I know firsthand what juggling a home looks like…  But between sticky faces and scraped knees…  TIME IS FLEETING!

Take photos, celebrate parenthood, & preserve these memories… because it’s one of the greatest gifts you can ever give yourself!!

Wish my eyes could take photos,