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What is Vivid Studios Academy?

Vivid Studios Academy is a photography training school for teenagers, aspiring professionals, and pro photographers.
Whether you're a camera or smartphone toting mom who wants to freeze precious moments or a photographer looking to advance your professional career, Vivid Studios Academy offers courses with your needs in mind!

How does Vivid Studios Academy work?

Some courses are delivered via instant download (or can be mailed with postal service on a USB flash drive to watch off-line.) The other courses are done weekly through live video meetings online, or in-person.

All courses are designed with easy-to-follow video lessons and include worksheets, assignments, and resource lists to guide you through each lesson.
Students get access to an exclusive private whatsaap group chat for instant support with any photography questions you have.

Who teaches the classes?

The courses are led by Raizy Ciment, founder, teacher, and photographer at Vivid Studios NY.
She has over a decade of experience in Photography & the Adobe Photoshop Suite, and has to date photographed more than 5,500 families & newborns in the Greater Rockland County Area. Raizy is a NY certified licensed photography instructor at the TTI Career School.
Raizy's mission is to help every woman create beautiful family memories through individualized photography training.

Which course is right for me? What’s the investment?

Students Testimonials


As an aspiring professional photographer, I spent quite some time (and money) on courses that promised to help me reach my photography goals but ultimately didn't come through. Until I met Raizy and took her course.
Raizy condenses so much information into a few hour sessions, giving you real value for your money!
In our classes Raizy covered: Indoor and outdoor lighting, newborn safety and posing, coloring, workflow and so much more! Along with her notes, I was able to review all the material at home whenever I needed to reference back!
Her sweet and friendly personality really took the experience to the next level. Raizy also freely gave me all her vendors, sites, and photographer secrets for me to use so I don’t have to go thru the research myself!
What amazed me most was when I set up my studio for the first time, and had many questions; Raizy offered a phone session FREE of charge to guide and support me!
I’d recommend this course to all my family and friends who want to take their photography skills to the next level.


As a fellow professional photographer, my experience working with Raizy was truly remarkable by the way she made our time together feel like teamwork.
I admire her talent and broad knowledge, but mostly her ambition to make her students successful.
Although I came to her with previous photography experience, what I gained mostly was time management and proficiency in editing, as well as perfecting my shooting techniques. She didn’t let me leave before I was 100% ready and confident with actionable steps to progress my business.
I truly gained perspective on building a business the right way, without the fair of scaling and growing for profit.


I’m currently taking Raizy’s course and HAD to submit a testimonial even before completing it.
Her lessons are packed with info that is already improving my photography immensely. Raizy is extremely dedicated to her students, very patient, and always there to answer questions.
She teaches all information in a super clear and calm way and also makes sure you know the work well, gives you clear notes on the material we learned, and follows up on homework assignments.
I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to up their photography game.


I’m just starting out in the world of photography and am so happy that I signed up with Raizy for private mentoring!
I feel that Raizy has a genuine desire for me to succeed and having her constant support while I’m beginning this journey is priceless.
Raizy really knows how to give over information in a straightforward and organized manner so that all lessons are easily absorbed. Thanks to Raizy my dream of becoming a photographer is becoming a reality!


Raizy is a master teacher that's here to help you succeed.
From the clear concise lesson plans with meticulous notes to the follow-up and constant support, this course will allow you to bypass all mistakes beginners typically make and catapult you straight to the top.
Raizy helped me set up my studio from A-Z and is constantly helping me perfect post processing with clear instructions and guidance.
Thank you Raizy for enabling young moms to reach their photography goals and setting an amazing example of what real entrepreneurship is all about!


Raizy is the best teacher out there!
She explained everything with so much clarity and patience.
Thank you Raizy!